Technical Consultation

The delivery of a great web project or product is not just in the people who put it together, but also the knowledge and experience poured into the strategy and execution.

If you don’t know where to start, or you have problems that you’re not sure how to overcome, we can probably help.

What we can help with

My consultation offering is broadly categorised into three areas

Project & Products

This might be deciding the best way to progress your product, understanding how technology can best serve your business, or helping you to understand data or metrics, performance, or security of your applications.

Technology Team Management

If you are not a technology company, and do not have someone internal to advise you, it can be almost impossible to accurately build the right technology team for you.

From understanding how to scale up your team, to the skills a team member would require, and industry rates for those professionals, there is a lot to consider.

Change & Transformation

Knowing what you want to change is one thing, understanding how to implement that change in a safe, controlled, and effective manner is an entirely different skillset which relies upon proven experience.