Our second product, Encryptosend, is now live


Encryptosend is now live! This is something we had been talking about and working on implementing for a while.

In terms of complexity, it is not the most complex piece of software I’ve ever built, it is simple by design, and hopefully effective.

The platform is free to use (with usage limitations), and allows messages to be sent from one person to another, via an email, to retrieve those messages which were Encrypted. The messages are store encrypted, against a key which we do not have, so we cannot retrieve the messages.

Once the message is retrieved or expired, the message is redacted, along with all the identifiable data about the sender.

Anyway, enough talk on here, we have plenty of pages on the Encryptosend website which explains what the platform is, how it works, and the ethics.

Visit Encryptosend.com